Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DON'T FLOP DIGS | Episode #2 | Psychosis Holochaust

I recently featured in Dont Flops Digs which is kinda like an MTV crips show fro UK rappers, here you can check out my entire house and the toys and games i have!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

psychosis holochaust VHS collection - Prison Planet Records


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Psychosis Holochaust's set @ GRIME HOUSE, Jan 6th - Tez Kidd, K.Do...

Check the video from my birthday bash, GRIME HOUSE!!! featuring shinobi, rawkidd, tez kid,, AK, and more!!
GRIMEHOUSE is the grime rave me and nate throw every month, now at DQ nightclub! next ones 25th May!!! booooooom!


SOZZZ For the lack of updates, i been busy as a mother fucker these last couple months, got INSTAGRAM on my i-phone now tho, and am pretty fuckin addictive! so have took a tone of pictures! also, my DONT FLOP DIGS epsiode drops today so wanted to have a good new update for people that saw my toxic figures blog link on there. check some of the shit i have racked up over the last few months, from carboots/market stalls ect... I got 2 of the repro thundercats they have made, lion'o and tigra, these are realy well made, with attention to detail, also, unlike masters of the universe classics, you can actually buy these in shops!
I finally got a My pet monster, i have been after one of these for ages, as i have had the handcuffs for one but never the actual monster, now i have a complete one, guy looks sick on the new Corner sofa i just bought, i also got some VR trooper vintage material off ebay, shouts to Steph for making them it cushions for me!
i also got some more cabinets for my toyroom, so i filled it with my power rangers small stuff, beetle borgs, beetlejuice and all my Kenner aliens and jurrasic park... speaking of jurrasic park got this sick carded figure from my dads mates market stall, also got some mightymax off him, been stepping my mighty max game up harrrrd recently, i have also had a decent amount of mighty max, but check some of the other stuff i have grabbed in the same week...
same day i also grabbed this mad godzilla figure, its like rodan with godzillas head! saw it in a charity shop near me at 4am in the window so had to go back next morning when it was open and grab it, also grabbed this sick ultimate warrior from the monday market that day and these rambo kids books haha, this was a sick era were any action movie that came out, they made kids versions of them, rambo, robocop ect lol
the next set of pics is all the stuff i got over 2 weeks carbooting last month, i got some sick galaxy warriors, some vintage robot, a turtles bin!!! a mad orville soft toy lol, the complete power rangers season 1 weapon combiner, megatron and optimous primal from beast wars, micro machines biker mice, a miniture skeletor, an old crossfire game in the box complete, adventure people and other assorted bits...
didntbuy these cause not my thing, but check the amount of stone colds this guy was selling!!
also got a couple of centurions,
NEED HELP WITH THIS NEXT ONE!!! I had abig box of these as a kid, but cannot find what the fuck they are called?! and this is rare for me cause i know literrally every figure that ever existed! but i cant find them in any of my books or online, they are made by bluebird, help me and lemme know if you know the name of em!
went into a small toymaster in Debenhams other day, just browsing and saw they had brougt dragon flyz back? they looked small and shit tho in comparisant to the old ones, and was seling for 2.99 so probs a dead toyline alredy, didnt bother buying any, but thought they were interesting, also saw these battle wheels figures that looked kinda sick
Met a new friend too from Greece, called Ioli, realy kool bird and she cooks me the sickest food!!!!.... aslong as i intagram it lol
and my mate lizy got me to custom her shoes! haha
and finally, my bruva NATE GORDON finally released his new album, and on my label PRISON PLANET RECORDS! Check out the music video i made for him here.... more updates comin soon!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


A quick discussion with me and a few of the other guys i run our record label and events with about Ghost Rider spirit of vengence in my toy room straight after we got back from watching the movie on Febuary 17th 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So i wanted to keep this as a seperate post as i said in 12th feb entry...but basiclly last week i got this...

BOULDER HILL!! from M.A.S.K i have been wanting this for a while, and last week i finally managed too!
this is not a playset i had as a kid, to be honest i never knew it existed untill a couple eyars ago, but if i did have it as a kid, i would have been one happy little bastard....

its basiclly a petrol station that is built into the side of a mount, that, with just a few qucik flicks of the switches becomes a barricaded defence fortress!
the fact is transformers in itself is really kool, and its what origionally drew me to the show as a kid, kool masks and transforming vehicles, i was all over this show!

seen as thought i got this, i decided to find out a couple other M.A.S.K figures and vehicles i had lying around...
I had this as a kid, and thought it was the best car ever, i was really suprised to get this one with the chain still in tact and not damaged, the front also pulls up to put a metal grid guard on the windshield...

now THIS is one i did remember...the opening credits showed this landrover when it transforms, basiclly the whole car splits open and the passanger seats are actually a speed boat, this bursting open and into the water looked sick when i was a youngster, to finally own it is amazing! i literally remember thinking this was the koolest thing ever lol

This is also a sick transforming vehicle i remember, Miles Mayhem's SWITCHBLADE copter/plane....i only have one of the propellar blades which is abit shit....looking for the the other one tho if anyone has a spare???


I also have these in my M.A.S.K collection....they seem to have come with a fan club or somthing, ut they are letter heads and envolopes, never been wrote on, so really cool, but not sure what they are from if anyone can help shead some light?

And finally, this is the case i keep all my M.A.S.K figures in, its pretty sick, inside are loads of loose figures and masks....there are also randomly about 10 RING RAIDERS in there lol...

I also remembered i have this on my wall...

and while were on a M.A.S.K HYPEEE!!! this track is sick....extended M.A.S.K intro theme!!!!