Sunday, 18 July 2010

New He-Man and SkullFormer

Wassapanin people! sorry bout the lack of updates been busy as hell past few weeks,
but thought i would share sum more of my ever growing masters of the universe collection!
i actually got a haul of like 90 figures/vehicles/2 more castle greyskulls last week, but these are the stuff i had picked up prior to that, so hope you like the pics! snout pout and stinkor are deffo my fave tho!!

 this strange thing today in a bag full of Gen1 transformers...a transforming skull! this is as toxic figures a transformer can get! look at this guy he's amazing, a skull that becomes a robot! why didnt i have this as a kid?! dunno anything about him, just says 'made in japan' on him, good enough for me! anyone got any info??

And...finally, ironic that i am in cabinet figure display mode at the minuit, my Dad managed to find me these last week, they hang on the wall have glass fronts on em and are PERFECT for starwars/gi-joe sized stuff! 2 of them too!!