Sunday, 31 October 2010


yooo, first off happy Halloween!! I have been major busy, mainly with this....

ber 2010 not only gave us halloween but the launch of our record label 'prison pla
Otonet' records!
Things have been popping off big time, with magazine interviews, music videos and sponsorship, so would like to give a big shout to Noiya Clothing who have been very generous with all the garms they gave us!

and to toast magazine for their 3 page spread on all things prison planet!

abel itself, ALLOT more stuff gonna be on it very soon, so please keep checkin b
Please check out the official Prison Planet websight, here you can download our back catalogue of albums and find out a little about the lack!


Right....Now thats out of the way, we can talk sum toxic figures!!!
The Guy who interviewed us for Toast (and good friend) james gave me this....
HOLY SHITTTTT! wanted this for ages (missing a few bits but nothing i wont be able to track down) hordaks fright cave!!

then a couple other things i grabbed, star wars socks, customized ma airforce 1s, and grabbed sum Power rangers RPM for 3 quid each buy one get one free?!??!

These are also ma fave toxic sweet from halloween 2010 too!!

and this my fave mask! cant belive this was in pound land!! its really thick good quality plastic, i grabbed a couple :P for an EPIC part of the update, redecorated my kitchen as Space Invaders!!! haha, i hated the textured wallapaper in their so i stripped it all off and painted it plain white with black tiles and wikid space invaders stickers to turn my kitchen wall into a giant space indavers game! (stickers are supposed to go on your wheely in, but they work a treat!)

i also added 2 rubix cube squares, just to mix in a bit of colour and keep the retro theme going!

So that's October, had a wicked month, killing it at the Gym now and kick boxing every week loving it big up OHPITYME AND SPYKE on that shit, and finally, reading material this month has been in the form of this.....

wayne douglas barlowe's book 'barlowes guide to extraterrestrials' wickid artwork book from the guy who designed my fave 80's action figure series 'POWER LORDS' check this out its bigggg!!!

anyway, happy Halloween campers and remember to keep locked!...need to go to the shops before they close and buy sum big bags of sweets for all the little monsters/zombies/murderers ect that will be pelting my house with eggs tonight if I don't have sweets on cue for them when they turn up at my door hahah

peace yo!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Just cause i feel bad about not uploading anything for so long, here is another couple bits i collected ect...
But first of all, i thought i would show you a picture of my dining room haha, thought the readers on here might apriciate the layout i got going on :P...

Right, here is some other stuff i collected recently,
Got a couple more madballs and headpoppers!

check this cookie jar! it shouts threats when you try and get biscuits out of it, aruffffffffff!!!!

Got these bits of planet of the apes stuff, you know i love POTA and had to get these repro mego figures, and the 12" one was so cheap had to grab him!

another wikid vintage robot to add to the collection, been needing to grab one of these for a long time!

found this vintage bronx warriors poster out that i had for a long time, its almost the size of a whole door! so need to get it framed, will look wikid at the top of the stairs i recon :P

And finally, grabbed a couple old ghost busters enemies! the toilet and mummy were some of my favourites as a kid, and was happy to get some more of em back!

anyway, more to come, keep checking the log out, its back in full force!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Right, a couple post's ago i showed this guy....the transforming skull hea yeh? well i got a few messages from a guy called adrian who had 2 more of the bad boys! a King Kong and a Frankenstein one!! he sent me some photos of them and he said it was kool to stick them up here so check em out! they are amazing!!

He also said he remembered seeing on the back of the package when he bought these that there was a huge transforming skull one, and a few days later provided me with a youtube link to that very transfroming skull! the video can be seen below and it looks like a truly weird toy would LOVE to get my hands on any of these someday!!

so big thanks to adrian for his messages and research, what a guy!!

Also, got this new wikid punisher hat! :P

And finally, wanted to share with you this picture, basiclly through my hip hop connections i have many contacts in the U.S, this is one perticular rapper i know from Arizona when he was a kid had this photo taken, with what i have to say are some pretty EPIC masters of the universe costumes!!!

thanks to all the people who keep checking, really makes it worth while, respect and keep checking back soon for more toxic figure pics and updates!!

Friday, 17 September 2010


ever so sorry for the LOOONGEST update wait in the world, but been hella busy with setting up our record label (info and websight coming soon) and Gym 3 days a week now so busy busy busy...however, not stopped me collecting wikid stuff, just uploading the pics on here for you guys! so very sorry for the lack of updates and message replies (really apriciate all the emails and messages from people who are checking the blog! please keep em coming i will get round to all of you i promise!)
Anyway, without further adue...lets show what i picked up in last couple months :P.....

Had a good day n Cleethorpes with my mate paul, BIIIG fan of the traditional british sea side holiday, and cleethorpes is pnly a train ride away so deciede to go other week and have a day there,
One of my fave things about the Sea side is the Arcades! being a bigggg gaming fan, i love seeing what machines i find, first one i saw was this!...

if only i could have took this home! (wasnt plugged in which was disapointing so didnt get to play it...but i have photoshoped a pic on the screen to give an idea :P

Had a blast on classic Soul Blade and Mortal Komabt (also had a blast on ridge racer!! one of ma fave driving games ever) sadly didnt get a pic of that machine like a dork :S
Also found this wikid 'hammerhead' machine, which looked like it used the moulds from street sharks!?

These were also one of my fave things as a kid! the machine rides you sit in, but these ones in particular, they are like bio speeder bikes! lol reminded me allot of power lords!

speaking of power lords, grabbed this Trigor other day!!! been after this guy for sooooooooo long, had him as a kid and he is just as kool now as he was back then! younger sister showed me a music video before with all wind up toys in it....i wanted the crab one in it so baddd....then to my luck i found the little guy in a shop in cleethorpes!
this wind up crab is tooo kool, propper love it, check the vid of him on my patio reiiiiiiiiight good!

so yeah good day in cleethorpes....
Now carboot finds....

Got this wikid cassette case holder...obviouslly no one has need for casette tapes anymore (even me!) but makes a wikid pencil case, love sonic!

Also grabbed some old board games, now i dont care how boring ppl think they are i love board games,
The first one is a transformers one, dont think all the pieces are here but couldnt resist it! check the 'transforming' playing pieces that come with it!....

And then this DIZZIE DIZZIE DINOSAUR one...i had this as a kid and its all complete with dice figures and the awsome wind up dinosaur that comes with the game too.... this which was the prize buy of the day! Finally got an NES have been addicted to Mario Bros for the past 2 week, need to get ninja turtles and battle toads maaayn!

I also got this guy given to of the few rock lords i needed to finish my collection, he usually goes for daft money so was well happy to add him to the set, shock rocks are wikid!

also got these bad boys given to me...origional ZIG & ZAQ puppets & a mighty ducks key ring!!

The other week i was in manchester, so called in a vintage shop i like to check out and came out with a Toxic Crusaders comic....AND an orio=gional 12" storm trooper what a find!!!!

Also, some HE-MAN boxer shorts from Primark!! gotta love primarnie...

And last of all, a kool skull cup (gotta love gifts from mom!) aswell as these skull salt and pepper shakers! aruffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

There is a few more bits to show but havent got time right now, again sorry for the lack of updates ut do please keep checking back and look out for lots of new stuff very soon!!

Theo :P