Sunday, 13 December 2009


So this is it...moving out Friday, my very last week in the house I have grown up in for 21 years! Going to be weird living on my own from now, never had a Christmas were I wake up in the morning and there’s just me there! Will be doing allot of socializing over my holidays of work though so should be ok!
But deffo looking forward to Christmas, went out last night so missed 'jingle all the way' on favorite Christmas movie! haha have to cop it on DVD this week sometime cause Christmas isn’t Christmas without jingle all the way and national lampoons! (Watched that other night though!
Anyway...on to some toxic figures! Not much to show... did get some nice GI-Joe's this week though!...

Also, got this vintage Raphael money box, and have got Donatello on the way from the same series (saw one in Brighton in the big second hand antique emporium but was a little overpriced for my budget that day, but managed to grab this one after for a great price so was all good!
i do love how tacky it is, its obviously not an official product, but i do love my vintage knock off stuff...

Also, bought this box set from HMV £12?!?! all 5 films with a bonus disk, I watched all these growing up, but haven’t watched them for so long, put the first one in the DVD player and have been Hooked!! I love the look of all the gorillas riding on the black horses with there leather amour and rifles, ALL the characters are so well written, especially Dr. Zaius, is ignorance is so frustrating, great character to hate! and its got to be said that Linda Harrison is so amazing as 'nova' the mute tribal cave girl,
I have watched 1 and 2 so far, and my daysssss do I enjoy these movies! Such a good concept, and such powerful scenes, loving every minuet of them, going to get the 3rd one on tonight: P

and as for car boots...its been a while, allot of the organizers don’t put car boots on through the winter months, but I went to one this morning, was a good 45 minuet walk to get to it (taking my driving test January 20th so this should not be a problem as of then) but managed to grab a few things I will be showing on here in the coming weeks...anyone for a nice Rambo figure knock off review? Coming soon! Watch this space....

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Just before we start...gotta show this pic of me at the Don’t Flop rap battles right before my debut and first victory!

Early 2009 I recorded a track as a tribute to Joe D'Amato's EPIC post apocalyptic masterpiece ENDGAME, being one of my favorite films, and being a huge fan of the soundtrack, I had my mate remix the soundtrack into a grime beat and wrote a track to it explaining the story of the film thru lyrics
Well...its now late 09 and having waited so long for the track to be mastered I decided to master it my self, and cut a quick video on movie maker using the movies clips to help tell the story.
I have improved allot since this was recorded, and usually wouldnt want anything heard that I think I could now do better, but i will make an exeption for this one, I still like it :P
So here it is...Psychosis Holochaust 'ENDGAME'

you can download the track here @...

Monday, 7 December 2009


Found this nodding head Admiral Ackbar today in TK.MAXX was a wickid find Ackbar is one of my favorite star wars characters so he jumped out at me, and I had to snatch him up...

I think the sculpt captures allot of character and will look great on my mantel piece!

Got this as well today...

Rambo 3 the soundtrack on 12" Vinyl arufffffffffffffff

Friday, 4 December 2009


Found this today, only one in the shop and was on a manikin so got a nice bit of discount on it because it wasn’t on the hanger, but absolutely love it!
not much to say about it apart from as far as I know its a Sheffield based clothing brand called 'drop dead' I don’t know anything else about it apart from i loved the design, combining 2 of my five things, toxic colors and dinosaurs (and loving the Jurassic park style logo) feeling my purple apparel at the minuet!

Check out the Drop Dead Website for more cool clothes...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


So i Spent the past 2 days down at Brighton Beach for the Don't Flop rap battles '' and had an amazing time, won my battle (I now have a 2 wins 0 losses ratio so feeling good about that!)
Anyway...battle rapping aside I need to firstly say how amazing Brighton is for toxic shopping...when I went to Brighton in June I did not get a chance to check any of the shops there, but that was different this time, as I found the best row of shops ever!
I Managed to grab these amazing Osiris trainers (was hypnotized by them the second I laid eyes on them!

And also, this amazing transformers hoodie...

EVERY one of them had amazing toys clothes art galleries and antique shops, it seriously was the best place I have ever been too for picking up toys and clothes!
There were rows and rows of shops, full of cute vintage kitsch for the girls, and toxic robot alien destruction fighters for the boys!

I found a massive emporium FULL of 60s, 70s, and 80's toys, house wares furniture comics, Games, EVERYTHING you could ever want! Some of it was overpriced witch is why I had to turn down the vintage Ultra man and tomy dustbot I wanted, but I did manage to grab a nice 'Sectaurs' figure I needed! So wasn’t all bad news, ( in the pic he has none of his weapons...he did not have his weapons with him but I do have them stored away in my moving boxes so will get a better pick of him with his accessories at a later date :P

I also got these....I think they are the single BEST invention I have EVER seen in my whole life....seriously...

There f**king ninja star coat hooks?!?!?! They actually look like a ninja star has been thrown at the wall and you can hang your hats and coats on them, holy sh*t?!?! Why did I never know about these things before?! I bought 6 of them...they was slightly overpriced at £7.95 each but that’s how much they are on EBay and stuff so decided to just get a nice bungle of them for when I move into my new house (sent them the deposit yesterday so I am now a legal home owner! moving in next Saturday fingers crossed!!!)

Obviously I could not put them up in my hallway just yet...but could not resist screwing them into the side of the shed to show how brilliantly amazing and real they look!

So all in all Brighton was nothing but a great weekend (if you don’t count the 4 hours of no legroom we had to endure on the way down and coming back on the coach) and to top it all off, look what a very tired me found on the way home at London Victoria station….

It’s a London buss transformer, Epic! (Not a fan of the new transformers style, design, story, concept ANTYTHING) but you got to admit, this guy is holding it down!

and just very quickly on a side note…if you are a collector of transformers figures…then you seriously need to grab this book, its an unofficial Japanese collectors guide to Gen 1 figures, but its got almost every figure in there with all there weapons and accessories on full layout display, great for reference when wanting to complete a figure….

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Found this at a Christmas fair jumble sale today...
I just saw it there all closed up, and wanted it straight away before i even knew what it was!
Then the lady at the stall told me it was a bread bin!? I automatically decided it was the perfect bread bin for my new house!!

It cost me £2! And after a little internet research it’s actually called a 'Brushed Aluminum Armadillo Bread bin’ and is sold on Amazon for £68 so was the ultimate bargain!
The lady at the stall said it was the Sydney Opera house...but obviously the company that made it says it is an armadillo so we will go with them...

However, I thought it looked more like a DR WHO ‘Cybermat’ and is one of the reasons I had to get it!

And for no reason other than scale, check it next to Megazord, great size for the kitchen!

More toxic updates coming soon!

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I am aware this blog is becoming VERY GI-Joe orientated, ?(I am trying to keep it switched up...its just that GI-Joe's have become allot easier to get a hold of in Britain since the movie came out!)
But these two guys today, loved them, and a free coming! 'arrrruuuuuuffff!'
Send my deposit thru tomorrow for my new house, so once everything is unpacked (at the minuet its all in the boxes as you guys have seen!) and then I can start rummaging through containers and find some more stuff to post on the blog so sorry for the lack of actual vintage weird toys in here, but there will be more coming very soon!
Watch this space....

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


FINALLY a toy shop has opened near my house (usually I have to travel into town, just to find the most minimal amount of toys, and 'toys r us' is a good 2 tram rides away) but no longer will I have to take such an adventure just to have a browse at what’s new in the world of toys and action figures, cause last week 'SMYTHS Toy Superstore’ opened!
so not much to say apart from I have waited years for a new toy store to open up were I live, and now there has been, so will be a regular visitor! Also, it doesn’t close until 11pm at night! (As the sign outside suggests) so it means I can go in late after work! Good news all round :P
(I apologise for the quality of pictures inside the shop…had to be a little covert with taking, pictures there was a lot of customers walking around lol)

I was happy to find al there GI-Joe section was on offer, so bagged a few other figures and vehicles I needed for my collection, I especially love beach head, and the timber wolf figure that comes with this variant of snake eyes!
Also picked up Beach-head and rollbar with the snarler Cycle, an Ice Viper soldier and a Mantis Attack Craft with an Aqua Viper Officer, and i love the red visor helmet he comes with!

Also, I got this complete Dr.Mindbender of eBay very cheap! Great condition too with all his accessories in tact!

Also...waited for this guy of eBay for over a month! The seller was very good though, and sent me a second one when the first one never showed up (he is still out there somewhere?!) It’s Decimator from VR Troopers, one of the much rarer figures that as far as I am aware is only available in America, so really glad to finally have him in my VR Troopers collection...

The figure itself is great, very sturdy, and stands up nicely, the way the function works, is there are 4 swords, 2 go in his hands and the others fire from his chest, but they are all fireable, it reminds me a lot of the Kenner Terminator figures that had similar functions

Also his helmet looks great… I love space armour mutant robot fighters!

Finally, still packing for the move (man...I have loads of toys cant wait to get them all displayed, and reviewed for you guys here!)
But thought I would take a couple of pics for the blog...

Boglins...I have a box of the smaller brighter varients too, but could not find them to hand when I took this...

Monster in my pockets...I am close to owning all the monster in my pockets, everything from space aliens, to wrestlers, but these original ones will always be my favorite!

and finally, thought these mad balls would make a nice pic for the sight...

Friday, 20 November 2009


Not much to say about this apart from I bought it from a craft shop in town and love it! its to write lyrics for the album I am working on with Flex Digits (
Its 'Adventure rap' imagine if ‘golden axe’ if it was a hip hop album and there you have it, the Album will be out January and has a host of names from up and down the country and from the U.S too!
anyway...this post isn’t about music, it is about the book I bought to write the lyrics in, it looks like a really cool old spell book but its plain inside so you can write or draw in it, and its small enough to fit into the palm of my hand for penning on the go!
Anyway, I put wilykat with it to show you the size!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Found this guy today, and holy shit he is wicked!
Behold....the Mega Mammoth!!
Found him in TK.MAXX amongst all the random jumble of Christmas toys they have there, they had a few other dinosaurs, but all were in boxes half the size of this one and for £7.99 I wasn’t leaving him there no way (I am a big fan of mammoths)

he is huge, like 16" and looks amazing with the chap mai cave men, he took about a minuet to assemble from the spru he came on, and all locks in together real tight with no glue needed, which is always handy!

he does need a lick of paint, but I will sort that when I move into my new house and give u all an updat43ed picture, the one on the box looks brilliant, so will follow that color scheme I think, not too bad at model painting actually, so should look brilliant in pride of place painted when I move in the new toxic figure fortress!

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Found another one in my stuff while packing...were the fuck do these guys come from?! lol either way i love em...enjoy!


As you may know, I am moving house in the next couple of weeks (hopefully next fortnight)
And I am currently in the stages of packing my toy collection away, so just thought I would share some pictures of the stuff I am boxing up!

Something I was really happy about is finding these out...

Talking robot cop and terminator, and 2 talking tales from the crypt dolls!
these were actually mine as a child, and I haven’t seen them since I was like 11 years old, was a heart warming feeling to find them out again, and will give them pride position in my toy room when I get in the new place!

Also, check out the turbo man! Forgot I had him, turbo maaaaaan!