Sunday, 19 February 2012


A quick discussion with me and a few of the other guys i run our record label and events with about Ghost Rider spirit of vengence in my toy room straight after we got back from watching the movie on Febuary 17th 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So i wanted to keep this as a seperate post as i said in 12th feb entry...but basiclly last week i got this...

BOULDER HILL!! from M.A.S.K i have been wanting this for a while, and last week i finally managed too!
this is not a playset i had as a kid, to be honest i never knew it existed untill a couple eyars ago, but if i did have it as a kid, i would have been one happy little bastard....

its basiclly a petrol station that is built into the side of a mount, that, with just a few qucik flicks of the switches becomes a barricaded defence fortress!
the fact is transformers in itself is really kool, and its what origionally drew me to the show as a kid, kool masks and transforming vehicles, i was all over this show!

seen as thought i got this, i decided to find out a couple other M.A.S.K figures and vehicles i had lying around...
I had this as a kid, and thought it was the best car ever, i was really suprised to get this one with the chain still in tact and not damaged, the front also pulls up to put a metal grid guard on the windshield...

now THIS is one i did remember...the opening credits showed this landrover when it transforms, basiclly the whole car splits open and the passanger seats are actually a speed boat, this bursting open and into the water looked sick when i was a youngster, to finally own it is amazing! i literally remember thinking this was the koolest thing ever lol

This is also a sick transforming vehicle i remember, Miles Mayhem's SWITCHBLADE copter/plane....i only have one of the propellar blades which is abit shit....looking for the the other one tho if anyone has a spare???


I also have these in my M.A.S.K collection....they seem to have come with a fan club or somthing, ut they are letter heads and envolopes, never been wrote on, so really cool, but not sure what they are from if anyone can help shead some light?

And finally, this is the case i keep all my M.A.S.K figures in, its pretty sick, inside are loads of loose figures and masks....there are also randomly about 10 RING RAIDERS in there lol...

I also remembered i have this on my wall...

and while were on a M.A.S.K HYPEEE!!! this track is sick....extended M.A.S.K intro theme!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012


I Am very suprised how many hits my blog has actually been getting! as people dont seem to leave comments anymore, i thought it was kinda going dead and was considering closing it down...maybee starting a TUMBLR instead, but it seems people really do check the posts! please show me your still alive and checking the blog by joining the facebook group!!
Just search...

'toxic figures kingdom'

...on facebook...

or try this link??

and its the first thing that comes up! thanks and respect as always for keeping up to date with the posts!!

Theo :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012


This month and last have been pretty good for colleting, i have been around quite a few places and picked some really kool stuff up allong the way,
A few weeks ago i called into Sheffield Toys R Us because i heard they had finally got Thundercats toys in, other countries have been getting the new Thunderfcats in for months now, but in the UK we have only jsut got them, so i wanted to go and check them out,

They are Major expensive in the Toys R Us, even as a kid i remember them beight the most expensive toy shop,
anyway they had this stuff on the shelf...

Not a huge amount, but enough to see the quality of the new toys, if i am honest, i think the quality of the figures are abit lame, NOTHING compared to the amazing 2002 remake of He-Man, and the figures Matel produced, i really wanted the new Thundercats to be like these, but unfortunatly, they opted for that cartoon network stylized look that all cartoons and action figtures seem to be these days, that i remember first seeing come around when the 90s batman cartoon series blew up.
none the less the figures are pretty kool, and i did grab me a small Mumm Ra figure while i was there,
I also grabbed the figure of 'Twitch' from Toy Story 3, i have been looking to get this guy and chunk, simply because of how heavily they are based on He-Man and Rocklords, so i managed to pick this guy up pretty cheap while i was there.

I also found these that were pretty kool, as i kid i loved the Micromachines Z.Bots, I would have loved these guys back then!

They also had a TONE of Masterpiece Grimlocks, the figture obviously looks amazing, but i wont be buying one for £50 anytime soon...

I saw these Keepon speaker characters about 4 years ago and thought they were fasinating! its kina like a yellow blob character that danced to your MP3 player, good to know they finally stock em in the UK! gonan have to gra one at somepoint :P

Some other kool stuff, these sonic headphones were pretty sick

And i dunno who designed these prehistoric pets, but i think they look wickid!!

These new remade starwars figures are also sick, i picked up an admiral ackbar the other day, this Y wing fighter was massive and looked sick with the retro style box!

A week later i went too Bradford and Leeds on a music meeting day, but i did manage to grab these amazing rubber zombie finger puppets from a Kitch shop we found whilst walking around Leeds City!

This one looks allot like Eddie from the Iron Maiden album covers,

Now keeping on a Thundercats theme i grabbed this from a guy on facebook calle Aaron who runs the 'Action Figures Trading Community' i just got in touch with him because i needed a new set of tires for my thundertank, and he offered me this Full size stainless steel sword of omens!!

full details and video below....

Also....loving this Cyclops robot neclace my Friend Lizzy had on the other day, reminds me of Blinky from Buckey O'Hare lol

Last week DONT FLOP, The UK rap battle league i am a part of, came round to my house to film the second episode of a new Online show they are running called 'DONT FLOP DIGS' its kinda like Cribs but for UK MC's,
So made sure my toy room looked good for it! its abit messier now than it was when they came becuase i have been in and ut of boxes in there, but it still looks pretty sick! and a good updated picture since i last threw one up about a year or so ago....

I grabbed these from Asda couple days ago too...dont really bother picking any of the new transformers up, but these were GEN 1 so had to grab a couple! Starscream and Bumblebee BOTSHOTS...think they captured their characters well with these!

FINALLY...I was supposed to stick this picture up AAAAAAAAAAAAGES ago, but i producer and Best mate cal's Brother JAC had this in his room when we went to see him in manchester....wanted it SO bad, but family airlooms and all that prevented me from taking it back to the toxic figures toy room, but how kool is he!!! VINTAGE BIG MOUTHED BIG FOOT!! SO FUCKIN SICKK!!!