Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Thought i would introduce 2010's posts with some snaps of my toy room, this is the Official toxic figure kingdom, anything and everything that this
blog is inspired by can be found in this room, its a good few years of collecting, and some stuff that i have owned for over 22 years!
anyway, i think its more visuals than words that can some this up, its by no means finished! i just really wanted to get them all out of there storage boxes and on display,
i amcurrently sorting out getting glass cabinets put all around the room, and having my Sega Megadrive/Genesis and Nintendo put in here for the ultimate nostalgic room!
anyway, hope you like what i have done so far (theres has actually been a few more additions made since this, but i am sure you will get to see them later,
so there you have it...the Toxic Figures Kingdom!


  1. MAN! You have an awesome collection! I just want to get in the floor and play with toys! Ha! EXCELLENT!!!

  2. heeey, hi man, thanks allot! its a big hit with people that visit my home lol, hopefully it will be twice as full this time next year!

  3. Wow .. dude, I just don't have the cojones to collect on that level. I thought my collecting was outta hand, but man, you're insane. I love it! I limit myself to a few figure lines and some old mint in pack stuff, but you just go for everything. Respect!

  4. Wow!! And I thought that I had a decent collection. Very, very nice!

  5. Cargantua lives...Hopefully I'll find one some day :)