Sunday, 17 July 2011

May times....SKEGVEGAS!!

So because i have been so busy with work and music, i havent had a chance to update the blog for some time, however i have broke down in the next 3 posts, MAY/JUNE/JULY with all the stuff i have been in up toxic wise!
First of all went to skegness for the day with my people Jez Phoenix, Lizzie Popz and Calpol.
real fun day, i always hype over the sea side for its nostalgic quality, can always find kool toxic things too and this time was no exeption, usually its the retro arcade machines i am hyping over, but when i found this i was buzzzzzzzzzzing! i was just very very gutted i could't pull it off the wall and take it home.....

there was tones of cool belt buckles in skeggy too...i ended up getting the mario one on a red belt, killllin it!!

Had to take a video of this crazy I Bug too....

We also played Crazy Golf, which was bang outside this horrific place 'pandas palace' this is were my mom used to dump me for the day when she could't be bothered to take me round skeggy town, alway have a deep deeeeeeeep hatred for this hell hole :P

spent the rest of the day Go carting and eating ice cream...This was kinda in the last few days of may,

so thats all i really got to show for May...keep locked for the June Update...apart from that in the last post i forgot to mention i went to see Ja Rule in Sheffield with the mighty paulina! wickid night with a reiiight bird!

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