Thursday, 5 January 2012


I turned 24 yesterday....
Big houts to all the kool people that have sent me birthday cards and facebook/Twitter messages! I Got some kool presents bought for me too, including these!!
I asked my mom to get me this Marvel Encyclopida, i have been wanting it for ages, so she picked me this up, its massive! Its from the DK series who make wikid encycolpida cbooks on comics, i have the Spiderman, X-men and Hulks ones, this one has EVERYONE in it though! its full of loads of cool info about the world of Marvel..

She also got me these....i spotted em other day and hinted to her i wanted them :P big ups to her for picking them up, iots 100 diffrent star wars comic covers in postcard form, i have comic books framed all over my house and really wanted the old school comic covers out of this!

Then my Dad got me this MINT IN THE BOX Handlebar from Bravestarr, was fuckin CHUFFED with this one!!!

He also got me this Buckey O'Hare 'double bubble' vehicle! i have wanted this for ages, it makes a frog croaking noise when you turn it on diffrent angles

He got me these too! (lucky this year i know!) An origional vintage He-Man clock...

And a sliding puzzle game, love this!!

Very pleased with the gifts people got me big ups again to eveyrone that sent me a message!!

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