Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I used to be a big collector of Neca, Mcfarlane movie figures, got most of the first few series of the movie maniacs and that kind of thing, still got them all, but by no means the highlight of my collection anymore, however…when these came out I was instantly drawn to em!
if you don’t already know Conan is one of my favourite films, 1 and 2! And like to collect anything related to the movies.
for some reason I always looked at these when they came out and wanted them very much…but just never actually got round to buying them…
anyway, with a quick Ebay search I found these 2 (still one more I want!) but just wanted to show em on here, cause they look wicked!

had a choice of 2 Conan pit fighters…obviously wasn’t too bothered about having both of them, as hey are the exact same figure in different armour…but these studded speak gloves are by far the sickest the weapon of the two!

Also…managed to grab this from Chesterfield Market other day….thought it was a captain lazer at first…but then saw it was a bat ‘Battlestar Galactia’ figure…now, obviously they are both made by the same company, but apart from that I know nothing about Battlestar Galactia, not watched it for such a long time, but I do know the figures are wicked! Specially the Cylons!
Anyway, had to grab him for £5 and looks great in my collection…

And finally, my very good mate Mel gave me this as a present Monday nigh when she came round to my house, its a wicked resin Mystique bust from X-Men, I proper like it! So thanks Mel!!!

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