Sunday, 4 April 2010


Spent the last few days in London/Surrey for the ‘Don’t Flop Blood in the Water rap Battles’
The battles were held on Brick Lane in a wicked venue called ‘Vibe Bar’ just on Brick Lane…so I went for a solo walk early on in the day before the battles to see if I could find any cool toy shops….
Unfortunately they seem to prefer vintage clothes to toys along there as I couldn’t find ANYWERE that sold anything toy related just allot of vintage clothes shops…if you wear vintage clothes then I am sure its heaven cause there is literally hundreds of them there! But I was on a toy hunt…
anyway, just as I was turning round to go back to the Vibe bar I noticed a small side street with a couple of shops, so thought I mite as well have a quick look while I am here when I found this place….

The shop had no Sign just a picture on a Japanese Tengu mask…but apparently everyone calls it ‘the robot shop’…and its quite obvious why….

this is one of the best shops I have ever been in! It is absolutely crammed with hundreds of reproduction old school tin wind up robots! And the prices that they cost are phenomenally cheap! This kind of thing usually sells at stupidly high prices, but not here, at the robot shop the prices were amazingly cheap!
Check this wicked reindeer for example…£7.50!!?!

If you are ever on brick lane, go and call in, the owner was a very cool chilled out guy called John, who I could tell shared my passion for old toys more than most, Had a good talk with him about his shop and all the different robots he had in there and promised him I would give him a shout out here on the Toxic figures kingdom blog…
So if you are around brick lane and feel like calling in, you really should!
the address is….

20 Cheshire St
London E2 6EH
0797 4155031

and I found a wicked article all about him and the shop @…..

I wanted to buy soooo much from here but I really did have to stop myself lol, I did however grab these….

Out of everything in there (all were amazing) this guy caught my eye…
he is kinda like a war of the worlds, Martian robot squid,
at £9.00 I Had to grab him!! he walks too came with a key and everything…..

Also, grabbed this wikid jumping frog for £2.50 for my sister….

and this sickkk 1950’space age ray gun!….

check it in full working action! LOL

and finally, a free gift from the very cool John, a 1950’s tin cop car, he gave me this free of charge (what a guy!) he had a bowl of different ones, but I thought the cop car was the one! Its so small too! Had to put a Z/Knight next to it just to show you the size!

anyway as always more kool post's coming soon, keep checking back, big up johns robot shop and don’t flop rap battles… the place was hyping!!!


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