Saturday, 18 September 2010


Right, a couple post's ago i showed this guy....the transforming skull hea yeh? well i got a few messages from a guy called adrian who had 2 more of the bad boys! a King Kong and a Frankenstein one!! he sent me some photos of them and he said it was kool to stick them up here so check em out! they are amazing!!

He also said he remembered seeing on the back of the package when he bought these that there was a huge transforming skull one, and a few days later provided me with a youtube link to that very transfroming skull! the video can be seen below and it looks like a truly weird toy would LOVE to get my hands on any of these someday!!

so big thanks to adrian for his messages and research, what a guy!!

Also, got this new wikid punisher hat! :P

And finally, wanted to share with you this picture, basiclly through my hip hop connections i have many contacts in the U.S, this is one perticular rapper i know from Arizona when he was a kid had this photo taken, with what i have to say are some pretty EPIC masters of the universe costumes!!!

thanks to all the people who keep checking, really makes it worth while, respect and keep checking back soon for more toxic figure pics and updates!!

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