Sunday, 19 September 2010


Just cause i feel bad about not uploading anything for so long, here is another couple bits i collected ect...
But first of all, i thought i would show you a picture of my dining room haha, thought the readers on here might apriciate the layout i got going on :P...

Right, here is some other stuff i collected recently,
Got a couple more madballs and headpoppers!

check this cookie jar! it shouts threats when you try and get biscuits out of it, aruffffffffff!!!!

Got these bits of planet of the apes stuff, you know i love POTA and had to get these repro mego figures, and the 12" one was so cheap had to grab him!

another wikid vintage robot to add to the collection, been needing to grab one of these for a long time!

found this vintage bronx warriors poster out that i had for a long time, its almost the size of a whole door! so need to get it framed, will look wikid at the top of the stairs i recon :P

And finally, grabbed a couple old ghost busters enemies! the toilet and mummy were some of my favourites as a kid, and was happy to get some more of em back!

anyway, more to come, keep checking the log out, its back in full force!

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