Monday, 25 April 2011

2011 BACK ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right...first of all i need to apologise for how neglective i have been of the toxic blog in the past few months, this is my first post all year!
shits been extreemley hectic and i have literllaly had no time to do anything, my new job is great but hammers me with the hours and music is kinda taking over my life at the minuit, which is why i havent
blogged since like October?!?! i have however been doing allot of music videos and tracks that you can see on youtube @...

ALSO....had a sickkkkk 23rd!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY...Enough of that....
Regardless of how busy i have been with music, this has NOT hindered my love for action figures and all things toxic!
i cant go through everything i have picked up, in 7 months i have accumulation a tone of stuff, i can however show you some of my personal highlights...
Got these guys from ASDA believe it or not! (Wall mart to you US folk..) reminded me allot of godzilla, they had 2 more different colors too but i couldn't buy them all lol, they are actually bubble blowers! screw their hats off and there filled with bubble mix and a blowing stick thing, i think they are wicked though, anything godzilla style and i am an instant fan!

Then i got these guys...
seen them featured on other blogs before but managed to get myself a set of these crazy face puller things! (infact the one that is not featured here was one of the first post's i ever did on this blog!!)

Got this madball type thing from the same shop too! they had a blue one and a green one...(what is it with all these toys i keep picking up in 5 diffrent variations?! lolll)

Then...i got these bad boys....only from the pound shop! (doller store in U.S) but could not resist them! some of them have really creative ways of transforming too, they are all really small, like something you would get in a christmas cracker maybe?? Either way, they are great, the stealth bomber, missle launching armoured car
and tank are my personal Favorites....

Also a couple other random kool bits!!...

I have LOOOOOOADS more stuff to upload, but as always i gott shoot, keep checking back, i am back on this blog %100 from today!!!!!


  1. Welcome back. I was starting to wonder if you had gave up on the blog.

  2. ha never! good to hear from you bro! keep checking a tone of fresh stuff to show people :P