Sunday, 31 October 2010


yooo, first off happy Halloween!! I have been major busy, mainly with this....

ber 2010 not only gave us halloween but the launch of our record label 'prison pla
Otonet' records!
Things have been popping off big time, with magazine interviews, music videos and sponsorship, so would like to give a big shout to Noiya Clothing who have been very generous with all the garms they gave us!

and to toast magazine for their 3 page spread on all things prison planet!

abel itself, ALLOT more stuff gonna be on it very soon, so please keep checkin b
Please check out the official Prison Planet websight, here you can download our back catalogue of albums and find out a little about the lack!


Right....Now thats out of the way, we can talk sum toxic figures!!!
The Guy who interviewed us for Toast (and good friend) james gave me this....
HOLY SHITTTTT! wanted this for ages (missing a few bits but nothing i wont be able to track down) hordaks fright cave!!

then a couple other things i grabbed, star wars socks, customized ma airforce 1s, and grabbed sum Power rangers RPM for 3 quid each buy one get one free?!??!

These are also ma fave toxic sweet from halloween 2010 too!!

and this my fave mask! cant belive this was in pound land!! its really thick good quality plastic, i grabbed a couple :P for an EPIC part of the update, redecorated my kitchen as Space Invaders!!! haha, i hated the textured wallapaper in their so i stripped it all off and painted it plain white with black tiles and wikid space invaders stickers to turn my kitchen wall into a giant space indavers game! (stickers are supposed to go on your wheely in, but they work a treat!)

i also added 2 rubix cube squares, just to mix in a bit of colour and keep the retro theme going!

So that's October, had a wicked month, killing it at the Gym now and kick boxing every week loving it big up OHPITYME AND SPYKE on that shit, and finally, reading material this month has been in the form of this.....

wayne douglas barlowe's book 'barlowes guide to extraterrestrials' wickid artwork book from the guy who designed my fave 80's action figure series 'POWER LORDS' check this out its bigggg!!!

anyway, happy Halloween campers and remember to keep locked!...need to go to the shops before they close and buy sum big bags of sweets for all the little monsters/zombies/murderers ect that will be pelting my house with eggs tonight if I don't have sweets on cue for them when they turn up at my door hahah

peace yo!!

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