Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Just before we start...gotta show this pic of me at the Don’t Flop rap battles right before my debut and first victory!

Early 2009 I recorded a track as a tribute to Joe D'Amato's EPIC post apocalyptic masterpiece ENDGAME, being one of my favorite films, and being a huge fan of the soundtrack, I had my mate remix the soundtrack into a grime beat and wrote a track to it explaining the story of the film thru lyrics
Well...its now late 09 and having waited so long for the track to be mastered I decided to master it my self, and cut a quick video on movie maker using the movies clips to help tell the story.
I have improved allot since this was recorded, and usually wouldnt want anything heard that I think I could now do better, but i will make an exeption for this one, I still like it :P
So here it is...Psychosis Holochaust 'ENDGAME'

you can download the track here @...


  1. I love British rap. It has a flavor all its own! Fun stuff, man... I'm going to have to track that movie down... I love 80's post-apocalyptic sci fi movies! You should try to find Damnation Alley and Steel Dawn!

  2. Thanks alot man, glad you like it!
    damnation alley and steel dawn are both amazing, 2 of my faves!...You should get hold of 'After the fall of New York, Bronx Warriors and Metalstorm' ALL amazing post apocolyptic movies!!
    P.S Album coming soon...CONQUEST OF THE OVERFIEND!