Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Found this guy today, and holy shit he is wicked!
Behold....the Mega Mammoth!!
Found him in TK.MAXX amongst all the random jumble of Christmas toys they have there, they had a few other dinosaurs, but all were in boxes half the size of this one and for £7.99 I wasn’t leaving him there no way (I am a big fan of mammoths)

he is huge, like 16" and looks amazing with the chap mai cave men, he took about a minuet to assemble from the spru he came on, and all locks in together real tight with no glue needed, which is always handy!

he does need a lick of paint, but I will sort that when I move into my new house and give u all an updat43ed picture, the one on the box looks brilliant, so will follow that color scheme I think, not too bad at model painting actually, so should look brilliant in pride of place painted when I move in the new toxic figure fortress!

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