Saturday, 28 November 2009


Found this at a Christmas fair jumble sale today...
I just saw it there all closed up, and wanted it straight away before i even knew what it was!
Then the lady at the stall told me it was a bread bin!? I automatically decided it was the perfect bread bin for my new house!!

It cost me £2! And after a little internet research it’s actually called a 'Brushed Aluminum Armadillo Bread bin’ and is sold on Amazon for £68 so was the ultimate bargain!
The lady at the stall said it was the Sydney Opera house...but obviously the company that made it says it is an armadillo so we will go with them...

However, I thought it looked more like a DR WHO ‘Cybermat’ and is one of the reasons I had to get it!

And for no reason other than scale, check it next to Megazord, great size for the kitchen!

More toxic updates coming soon!


  1. AHHHH!!! That thing rules! You got a 68p item for 2? WIN! It kind of reminds me of Batman's Batmobile shield from the first Batman movie! Cool deal, man!

  2. haha i know exactly what u mean, i love it!
    and yeh man, wikid bargain!
    BTW checked out ur blog, its wikid man, ur customs are epic, loved the Golobulus custom!

  3. Thanks for coming by the blog and having a look! Glad you dig the figs!