Tuesday, 24 November 2009


FINALLY a toy shop has opened near my house (usually I have to travel into town, just to find the most minimal amount of toys, and 'toys r us' is a good 2 tram rides away) but no longer will I have to take such an adventure just to have a browse at what’s new in the world of toys and action figures, cause last week 'SMYTHS Toy Superstore’ opened!
so not much to say apart from I have waited years for a new toy store to open up were I live, and now there has been, so will be a regular visitor! Also, it doesn’t close until 11pm at night! (As the sign outside suggests) so it means I can go in late after work! Good news all round :P
(I apologise for the quality of pictures inside the shop…had to be a little covert with taking, pictures there was a lot of customers walking around lol)

I was happy to find al there GI-Joe section was on offer, so bagged a few other figures and vehicles I needed for my collection, I especially love beach head, and the timber wolf figure that comes with this variant of snake eyes!
Also picked up Beach-head and rollbar with the snarler Cycle, an Ice Viper soldier and a Mantis Attack Craft with an Aqua Viper Officer, and i love the red visor helmet he comes with!

Also, I got this complete Dr.Mindbender of eBay very cheap! Great condition too with all his accessories in tact!

Also...waited for this guy of eBay for over a month! The seller was very good though, and sent me a second one when the first one never showed up (he is still out there somewhere?!) It’s Decimator from VR Troopers, one of the much rarer figures that as far as I am aware is only available in America, so really glad to finally have him in my VR Troopers collection...

The figure itself is great, very sturdy, and stands up nicely, the way the function works, is there are 4 swords, 2 go in his hands and the others fire from his chest, but they are all fireable, it reminds me a lot of the Kenner Terminator figures that had similar functions

Also his helmet looks great… I love space armour mutant robot fighters!

Finally, still packing for the move (man...I have loads of toys cant wait to get them all displayed, and reviewed for you guys here!)
But thought I would take a couple of pics for the blog...

Boglins...I have a box of the smaller brighter varients too, but could not find them to hand when I took this...

Monster in my pockets...I am close to owning all the monster in my pockets, everything from space aliens, to wrestlers, but these original ones will always be my favorite!

and finally, thought these mad balls would make a nice pic for the sight...


  1. A toys tore that close to home (and open late) can be a dangerous thing ;)

  2. lol only if you do not have self controll haha

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