Thursday, 26 November 2009


I am aware this blog is becoming VERY GI-Joe orientated, ?(I am trying to keep it switched up...its just that GI-Joe's have become allot easier to get a hold of in Britain since the movie came out!)
But these two guys today, loved them, and a free coming! 'arrrruuuuuuffff!'
Send my deposit thru tomorrow for my new house, so once everything is unpacked (at the minuet its all in the boxes as you guys have seen!) and then I can start rummaging through containers and find some more stuff to post on the blog so sorry for the lack of actual vintage weird toys in here, but there will be more coming very soon!
Watch this space....


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog when a friend and I were looking for Fisher Price Adventure People. You have a very fun blog... Keep up the great work, mate!

  2. thanks alot mate! big fan of adventure people (the robot alien variety anyway) lol
    thanks for the comment, pleeeease spread the word!