Monday, 9 November 2009


Anyone who knows me (or checks this blog) will know my affinity for dinosaurs and anything prehistoric, and cave men barbarians are no exception!
as for Chap Mei, I am a HUGE fan, I think out of ALL of the action figures out today, they are killing it as the top toys for ideas and detail,
From what I know (and this is simply from my experience of seeing these guys progress)
they started out in the cheapest of bargain bins, then progressing to pound land and Wilkinson’s, but today I find them in the early learning centre, especially the Jurassic park style play sets, and that’s what these guys are, play sets, you can either buy the individual figures, or a huge play set, usually containing, a vehicle, a dinosaur, part of a castle, and more guns and missiles than any one child could loose,
And not only this, but they seem to have tapped into nearly EVERY genre, everything from sea life emergency rescue, too mummies tomb scorpion raiders (I am making these names up, they will have proper names :P )
but I am fascinated with these figures, I have ALOT of them...I have got S.W.AT team recon troops, space aliens, Tarzan Jungle Warriors, all the way to Cyber Ninja Assassins (there I go again making up names :P )
I will be posting the other chap mei figures I have up on here soon, but for now i just wanted to concentrate on these guys I got from Sainsbury’s during the half price sail, they are called 'Stone Age Dinosaurs'...

And I love them! I love the bone helmets, i love the crude weapons forged from dinosaur jaws and terradon wings, and I just think everything about them is so unique and imaginative,
They also reminded me of 'dino riders ice age' figures, which I love but own none of :(

I have took lots of pictures of these guys so u can see the heads up close and stuff, not much to say about them, they speak for them selves!

Also got these two space chap mei figures on the same day, wasn’t as impressed with them (and are allot bigger than the standard chap mei size) but had to grab them for £1 each!
they have strange spiked light saber’s, and both light up when u press the button on there belts, the black and red one with silver chest (I am presuming he is the bad guy) even has a removable hat…

Also, this is nothing short of an AMAZING find my dad got at a car boot this Sunday, along with a couple other manta force ships and bases, all complete with there missiles and soldiers, soooo rare to find these with all the pieces together, and I think I will add this evil ship to my toxic figure collection! (and i apologise for the dust on this thing not had a chance to give it a whipe was too exited to get it on the blog! must have been in somebodys attic for years!)


  1. I have to say Iv never heard of Manta Force before but it kind of reminds me of this other toy line from the 80's called Starcom. I like those Chap Mei stone age figures , they kind of remind me of the Bone age figures from the 80's except the bone age figures where a lot smaller.

  2. Those cave men dudes look awesome - I need to pay closer attention to the cheap stuff!

  3. just checked out those starcom figures! not seen them before but they look awsome, mite have to try and get ahold of some of them :P
    and the cheap stuff always ammuses me, specially in dino caveman form lol

  4. Well after investigating the manta force a little more I think that they are closer to these : and
    after seeing the Manta Force I feel like I missed out on something as a kid.

  5. ahh air raiders! one of my faves!
    i actually found a huge box full of the standard good guys and bad guys, 4 figures on cards at a carboot once the women must have had 100 of em!
    i bought 4 sets, 50p didnt know what they was...untill i got home, wish i had just bought em all!
    oh well, live and learn, love air radiers tho!
    a war over air lol