Sunday, 25 October 2009

Few more pics from London...

Just a couple more pictures of me and my mate Paul in the Natural History Museum yesterday, seriously, if you do ever have a chance to check this place out, then DO! Just make sure you put a whole day aside, because it is actually HUGE! And there are ALOT of cues to wait in, we waited an hour to see the dinosaur skeletons, but was defiantly worth it!

Could not leave London without grabbing a few Toxic Figures though, check these ultra kool GI-JOE 25th Anniversary figures, they didn’t have all the characters I wanted, but you cannot get them were I live, only on EBay, so took the liberty to grab a couple while i was in London, B.A.T is deffo the highlight of that harvest!


  1. I wish the few times I was in London I would have had enough time to go to the Natural history museum, I would also like to see the cartoon museum in London.I know the feeling about not being able to find the action figures you want where you live ,I almost alway end up over paying on ebay myself.

  2. yeh, ebay is handy, but its rubbish for getting a good deal (most of the time)
    but yeh, deffo check out the museum if u ever get a chance, was mindblowing! and i will deffo have to check the cartoon museum next time i am down there, cant believe i didnt know about it before! lol
    much apriciated bro!