Sunday, 4 October 2009


One of my all time favourite things are Vintage robots,
well, today I found this amazing one at the Car boot!!

He came boxed, with all his missiles in a small plastic bag, complete and mint!

I love the black and yellow with the red eyes…
The box is awesome too, some people don’t really get too fussed about the boxes, but I think they finish of the figure displayed nicely if you are fortunate enough to have the box that your robot came in…

Well…I knew I was instantly wanting to put this guy up on here…but then I thought I would let you guys see some of my other robots too.....

I do have more, but these are the pride of my collection, but I am always looking to expand the cyber city… so more please!


  1. Wow! Nice bots. I especially like the robot w/ the dino head hidden inside.

    When you get bored with 'em, send 'em my way ;)

  2. haha
    thought u mite have liked the dinosaur bots!
    there deffo my fave of the bunch too