Monday, 26 October 2009


VERY OFF TOPIC! But I was just making my sandwiches before work tomorrow (all about saving the money for toxic figures) and I thought the size of the new 'Moon Bread' (name curtsy of flex digits @ My partner in crime) was very funny (I thought so anyway, it is actually Frikkin HUGE!
I go shopping at the weekend to pick up ingredients for my sandwiches and have been searching for the ultimate bread cakes for some time...well this weekend I found it, and I thought it was deffo worthy of making it on the blog for toXic food, I put am old GI-JOE figure next to it to show the size difference, and it just looks like the sandwich is going to devour the Joe so I am gonna go get him out of there quick...
But before I go....yeah, there you have it, toxic food part 1....part 2 coming very soon! (Seriously, i do actually have a part 2 coming soon! lolll)

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