Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Stuff

New hat…
Big GI-JOE Fan, and picking up the movie again on DVD reminded me why I do love the franchise.
Some of the best Bad guys in cartoon history too, with names like Destro, storm shadow and DR. Mindbender you can’t really do wrong.
Anyway, picked the New Era hat up off eBay, don’t think they will be easily found in UK, but I loved it and had to grab one soon as I saw it on there, took a while to arrive, but here it is!

I also love the small GJ-Joe logo inside the hat!

Also, got this crystal skull mug (least that’s what I call it lol) as a present yesterday from 2 very good friends of mine!
I love it...

I love skull mugs (check my earlier post) and I always wanted this one from my friends house, apparently they are from Adsa (wall mart in America) and are only on sale around Halloween, so if you want one grab em fast!
It’s the type of cup that its wrong NOT to drink crimson colored liquid in, but I plan to have mine full of jelly beans on the coffee table in my new house! brap

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