Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Check this...Its an Aero mint hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on it, My younger sisters idea....and a very good idea at that!
Its all about toxic hot chocolate...

Also, got some other stuff to show...
...A crazy Earth Worm Jim I drew at work yesterday....

...And some brand new GI-JOE's for the collection! Cobra Commander and Croc Master! Cobra!!!!!!!!!

Also, a trio of recent Finds...Kamen Rider SkyRider, I cant stress enough how much I love the Gashapon Ultimate Solid Toei figures, they are amazing in every way, I have about 30 of em, maybe I will put em all on the blog one day, but just grabbed this one cause one of the few I need to complete my Kamen Rider Gen Series, and I think the less said about the movie version of Cobra Commander the better....I will say I am not the biggest fan of his movie design or origin story, but I do like the figure!
And finally grabbed this Hasbro Dead Pool figure from Sainsbury’s, I love how the design and size is perfect to display along side GI-Joe figures, but just bare in mind he doesn’t come with a stand! (I had to give him one from else were) and he comes with some wicked swords and a Sai that he cannot hold, cause his hands are only made to hold the AK47 (with no stock) so not the best design practically, but looks great in the collection!



  1. What are those little guys you have buy the hot chocolate? The the darker green one kind of reminds me of the toxic avenger. Good score with the croc master , he was always one of my favorites. Im still trying to get a vintage moc croc master but Im a cheapskate and dont want to pay over 100.00 for it

  2. haha i dont blame you for not wanting to spend that kind of money mate, croc master is a beasty though! deffo one of my faves too!
    the figures at the side of the hot chocolate are 'monster in my pocket wrestlers' used to get em free in Wheetos serial, and could also buy packs of em in GT Newsagents n stuff,
    Monster in my Pocket did some SEEEERIOUSLLY kool lines of figures man!

    Also...noticed you been a regular on the blog, and much apriciated! if u feel like telling any of ur mates about the blog, or posting the link on any other sights u check out, would be very much apriciated, would love to have a few more regulars like your self to apriciate the posts :P
    thanks buddy!
    theo :D

  3. Ah monster in my pocket I would never have guessed .I have been looking for the monster in my pocket that came out over there in 2007 and havent had any luck coming up with them at a decent price .Ill definitely put out the word and post a few links, I always do what I can to help a fellow collector .

  4. thanks alot mate! thanks very kind of you,
    anything would be apriciated!
    also, this sight is wikid for Monster In My Pocket collectors refrence :P


  5. sorry...this is the better link lol


  6. Im looking for these newer ones that came out a couple of years ago in 2006 and 2007

  7. ahh yes, i have seen these around, had them at discount prices in a UK shop called 'home bargains' but i never bought them, they had the mountain playset too lol
    hope u find em, they look wikid!

  8. I wish they had them in discount shops here, My son want them to go with his Gormiti's but much like most of the UK items they carry a high price on ebay here.Lucky for you I bet you dont have any real problems finding the action force figures from the 80's over there but for me it can be a costly endeavor.

  9. action force pop up now and again yeh, i have lots of the normal soldiers, just thought the monsters were worthy of a blog update lol
    as for them gormiti, i see them all the time in all the shops in UK dont know much about em, but look pretty kool!