Thursday, 20 May 2010


Got this yesterday!

Not much to say apart from 'ARUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!' propper love it!! had this as a kid and brought back so many memories to actually get one again,
Decided to get some masters of the universe figures out and photograph it all for the blog (note the stridor him same day too!)


  1. Great pics and great score - one of the best playsets ever made!

  2. ohhh without a doubt! the best man, wanna get my hands on snake mountain next! that was the other one i had as a kid :P
    Respect for the comment mate! people seme to have stop leaving them! lol

  3. AWESOME!!! Nothing beats the originals for taking me back down memory lane! I can even remember the smells of the plastic when opening the new packages. The accessories in little baggies between the figures legs. The excellent artwork in the mini-comics. The bio pics on the backs of the package. The SPROINGGGGG of the battle action waists. Man... MOTUC fans can keep their expensive toys... gimme the old guys any day of the week!

  4. haha you remember them well monsterforge! lol, i just had a huge donation of new ones to add to the collection so look out for a new MOTU update very soon! and the smell of the plastic line cracked me up! i know exactly what you meen! lol

  5. Get the new pics up buddy! I'm missing them already... :[