Sunday, 30 May 2010


Got these today...

a women had a tone of them at the car boot for 50p a set, so just bought one of each cause wanted to show em on here,
I am a huge fan of Japanese culture, and for those who don't know, japan has a major fascination with Bug Fighting, Basically stag beetles ect in 1 on 1 sumo contests, And it would appear this is something advertised at kids to play with until they are old enough to buy a real life bug!
I thought they were a very strange items anyway so took some pics to stick on here, don't think am gonna open em cause then they would just be regular bug toys, but it looks like inside you get cards, instructions and a score chart, so definitely a good amount of stuff in the both with them.
Keep locked in, got sum wicked stuff coming very very soon!
peace yo!


  1. Holy crap... these were made by Hasbro? Why haven't I ever seen these crazy things? Thanks for sharing, man! WEIRD!!! :D

  2. haha i know!
    Seems kinda strange, (specially in the western world) that there would be a kids toy encouraging bug fights as that kinda thing is hella illegal over here, so to have hasbro make them of all people is just mad! lol