Friday, 7 May 2010


Took the day of work yesterday to hit Chesterfield market,
Overlaid like an idiot, but still managed to get there well before stuff was getting packed away…. would have probably got more stuff tho! (heard I missed out on sum mad tentacle creature predator mask thing witch sounded tooos cik!)
Anyway…to say I got there late, can’t believe how lucky I was…found this!

Sectaurs! Gotta be one of the coolest action figure lines to ever come out of the 80s and this sums up just how awesome they were!

Unfortunately, the wings are really delicate so didn’t fit all 4 of them in for the pictures as they are detachable and didn’t wanna risk snapping them, but this has gotta be my best find of recent times, absolutely love it!

As a kid I had the tarantula one, and was one of my best toys, I love how the sectaurs action figures can actually ride on top of the insect to use them as a vehicle….

and if you didn’t know how they work, its actually a clove fitted under the insect to act as the legs, so it’s a perfect mix of action figure vehicle and gross out glove puppet!

You may remember when I grabbed one of the sectaurs from an antiques emporium in Brighton, link here…
I do have a few of these guys knocking around, about 5 of them and 3 of there small pet insect beast’s by no means enough to review a collection yet tho!
But thought this guy would make a good pic (don’t think these are his actuall weapons, but suit him well for the pic)

that’s all for today, but keeping with the theme of more unknown 80’s action figures, look out for a ‘super naturals’ review coming very soon….


  1. The pictures looks great. Thanks for sharing them. I too like collecting different toys especially Godzilla toys which I like most.

  2. How much did you pay? I have the trantula version boxed with the figure but he is missing the sword is all... may slap it on eBay.