Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Big news in the word of toxic figures kingdom!
It seems my last post may very well be one of the best things i have ever done!
Basically....Last weekend, i took a trip to Darwen in Lancashire to visit some mates of mine...
Whilst there i met up with Dean, a fellow vintage toy enthusiast who kindly gave me the 'beast man' masters of the universe figure that i needed to add to my He-Man collection, i was over the moon with this gift! vintage action figures are the best gift anyone could ever get me, especially ones i had as a kid and lost as i grew older (not necessarily grew up! haha)
Anyway..Dean told me how he had more of these figures and if i was to go round to his house the following day i could grab a few more...

....It was there i found out he had WAY more than i expected and him to have, all in a big bucket and him saying 'right...take the ones you need mate'....

Now, i wasn't gonna lie, there was allot i didn't have in there...his collection of ThunderCats and He-man made mine look pretty weak to be honest! I do have a nice amount, but apart from about a few, i needed all of them! lol
so...After an offer of money was refused, Dean decided although he loved them allot, that he wished to accept no money for them, and that they would be kept forever safe in the toy room along with all the other figures i have collected over the years.
So he kindly Donated them on the basis if i was to ever get bored of them he would take them all back, and i am never to sell any of them.
Well priding my self on the fact i am a 'collector' not a toy dealer, ( a toy dealer as in a guy who sells toys for stupid amounts of money on Ebay -Toy Fairs ect )
This was an offer i knew i could keep too, as i am the guy who buys and collects toys, NEVER sells them!
So, i would like to present to you some (not all, there was a couple small transformers and Ninja turtles characters i got out of there too, will put them up when i have got the weapons for them!) Of the He-man and Thundercats figures Dean donated, as well as some of my old collection to show complete sets!
So just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Dean, the guy is a legend and i will now be in debt to him for a lonnnnng time! lol
Big ups dean, hope you like the pics bruva! Thanks again!!

Already had Slyth, Vultureman and grune the destroyer, was just missing a couple of there weapons....

I had already got most of the main thundercats, but Dean Donated the Chitara and WilyKit!

Love these mini thundercats! Liono bareing the sword of omens looing sickkkkkk!

And on to the MOTU....
You can see all the diffrent characters Dean donated, check out beastman's whip, Ram Man's Axe, Man-e-faces's Gun...all weapons i already had bu tno figure to go with them! gotta love a complete figure!! (he also gave sorted me out with the Ladder to go with my Castle Greyskull! the only part i needed to complete the play-set!!

Also...while looking for He-Man weapons i found Sy-Klone's shiled weapon! so was real happy to finally complete that figure too!

This is all amazing stuff, and i cant tell you all just how kool it is that people actually donate there toys to the toxic figures kingdom, it means so much to me and i am sure the readers are very apriciative to know there are such kool people out there!
Now...this was not the only stuff i got donated whilst in Darwen...my very good friend Fairley also gave me some amazing starwars stuff, wich i will be reviewing very very soon!

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  1. Yooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    Cheers for the shout, much appreciated. Glad they have gone to a decent home.

    They do look much better with the rest of your collection rather than just sittin there in my old toy box, haha.