Wednesday, 26 May 2010

R.I.P Geek Orthodox....

Some of you may have heard of Geek Orthodox...(
...Basiclly, its a blog run by Reis O'brien probably one of the coolest luchadore wrestling mask wearing toy collectors on the planet, who runs the blog updating it every day!
However, it would ultimately seem that his work-load and personal life have left him no other choice but to stop writing his blog, and hang up his mask forever!
Reis is a very cool and funny guy, he even posts a weekly video blog which i always tune in for, and although very sudden...i can fully understand his reasons for no longer continuing with the blog.
So I just wanted to say a really big farewell to geek orthodox, as i spent the last year checking it everyday and have always been entertained by his barrage of amazing posts!
So yeah...guess thats it, just wanted to really give reis and geek orthodox a propper send off as he has brightened up my day many many times and has even known to pass by the toxic figures kingdom and drop a comment in the past!

R.I.P Geek orthodox, your legacy will never be forgotten!
(July 26, 2008 - May 26, 2010)

BTW Grabbed this guy today to add to my ever growing MOTU collection!...'Clawfull'


  1. Hell yeah! Clawful!

    Thanks for the send off, man! I know my departure seems sudden to everyone, but it wasn't sudden for me. It had been coming for a while.

    I'm glad to know I have added a little something to your days for a while and I'm happy to see a fellow blogger carrying on the torch!

    Thanks for the kind words. I'll see you around the blogosphere. ;)

  2. thanks allot buddy! real happy you saw this! take care mate and thanks again for all the good times!!
    See you around bruvva!