Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Beetle Juice and Planet of the Apes

Grabbed these last week from the 1989 Kenner Beetlejuice action figure line.
The Beetlejuice Creepy cruiser and Phantom Flyer Vehicles
Both these In great condition and was really happy when they was found at a carboot for me and given to me for just the £4 that was payed for them!...
Firstly, the creepy cruiser is a vehicle i had as a kid and rememer hours of fun playing with it, it has a crazy mechanism on the back were you can pick up enemies, spin them around like mad then send them flying with the catapult action it features, i especially love the Bull head on the front (and although not shown) the scultping of the spiders and shassey on the underside of the car!

Then we got the Phantom Flyer, never had this as a kid but wish i did (as well as the vanishing vault which i want baaaad!) this can transform from a Bike to a glider, dropping the wheel of the front and turning into a grabbing mechanism,
Now the only problem i have with this vehicle is that the figures struggle to sit on it! the beetlejuice figures were all sculpted in very stiff sturdy auquard poses which makes them hard to stand up let alone fit in a vehicle (thank heavens for figure stands!)

Thought i would post a picture of a couple of my other Beetlejuice figures, also, i really love the small creatures of beetleuice you get with the action figures and the fact you can pull the heads of most of the main figures and switch them around (apologise again for these not being shown, didnt have much time when photographing these) you really do have to apriciate the likeness of these sculpts to actor Michael Keaton's face, i think there spot on to say they were just an action figure for kids.

Also...Got these given me last week...
They are clearly planet of the apes minitures, but i am not shure if they have been painted by someone who had them as part of a model/craft kit or they were just issued with poor paint jobs, either way they are great! shame the Gorillas dont have there horses (looks by the pins in there legs they were ment to be sat on steeds!)

And then these 2...

Looks like Dr. Zeus and Zira (both painted wrong but would deffo appear to be them judging by the clothing worn)
I dont know were these guys came from origionally, they have no markings on there backs, and may even be bootleg, either way i LOVE planet of the apes, its an amazing series of movies and all the merchandise assosiated with it is pure classic
If any of the toxic figures blog readers do have any info on these unknown figures please let me know! would be greatly apriciated

Anyway thanks for stopping by in the forbidden zone! and peace for now!


  1. Beetlejuice was a weird, weird, weird property to turn into a kids' toy line. I loved Kenner's stuff during that time period. Ghost Busters, Sky Commanders, Mask, Silverhawks, Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos etc.-- They all had a very clean, tidy look to them. Goofy, quirky, fun times!

  2. i kno wat you mean! they were making figures of like predator, aliens and terminator, all 18 cert films yet making kids toys out of em, pretty kool i think :P
    Love the karate kommandos, unfortunatly i dont currently own any of em, had a couple of the ninjas as a kid, would love to get a few tho deffo!