Sunday, 13 June 2010


Completed the main part of my Tonka's supernaturals collection last week so wanted to display them on here!
i have always been a majour fan of these guys just chose not to display them untill i had each figure complete,
they kinda combigned 2 of my fave figure series Masters of the universe and visionaries, so were always gonna be a winner with me as a kid, and to own the full set again is wikid,
allot of the pictures dont show the holograms inside them, but you get the idea as holograms can be real hard to photograph,
Anyway check them out in all there holographic glory!!


Eagle Eye.


couldnt they have thought of a less Generic name for this guy?!) Gotta love his eye ball weapon arsenal though! if you dont know by know, i am a big fan of eyeballs.

Snake Bite.


Got these guys too, not complete, but good to show, only problem with them is they have strange rubber skin on there hands wich deteriates in time kinda like the roll back skin on the old steve austin 6 milliion dollar man figures arms...

And finally...
Grabbed this which now resides on my wall, an origional promo one shot comic released around the same time of these guys release...

more kool stuff coming soon, keep checking back!


  1. Man... I absolutely adored these toys back in the day. My nephew collected quite a bit of these, and we found the crypt playset on clearance sale for 5 dollars one Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a great playset, but it was awesome for 5 bucks! The holograms on these guys are so freaky looking-- quite disturbing for a toy made for kids! You have an excellent collection that looks brand spanking new! AWESOME!

    My favorite one was always the snake guy... he has the coolest armor, and he really fits in well with the Masters of the Universe Snake men stuff!

  2. awwww mate, the playset for 5 bucks sounds epic! i dont even know if they sold them in UK cause i have seen them online but never anywere else, i also think its mad that they made monster trucks for these guys! lol check em out if you not already seen them, i wanna try and get those next!
    ahh yeh, snake bite is my fave also, his armour is sweeeeet especially his snake head! haha
    cheers buddy, hope you well the monster forge sight is looking awsome btw!

  3. All of the accessories really bring this line to life. Without them you have a plain looking guy with a hologram, but with them they become little pieces of art.

    Great blog! I've seen TONS of awesome things so far.

  4. ahhh cheers AAAGHHHH lol! not seen you post on here yet, always wikid to meet a new fellow toy lover,
    ur adventures f krang blog is epic! keep the kool stuff coming and i will keep popping back to check!
    peace yo!