Thursday, 3 June 2010


Got these given me as a present 2 days ago,
check this one first...'MAD LAB'...

Basically, its the head of Frankensteins monster, and its a game were you have to remove segments of his head, so you take out his eyes, nose, tongue, teeth ect, its actually pretty sick.

My fave bit is the back of his head you can remove some kind of gland which is just messed up, all in all a great gross out toy! and gross out toys are my ultimate fave!

And then this one...'TOMB OF DOMB'...

Some kind of mad Egyptian tomb game were you have to guess the right key to escape with the treasure from the chest,
if you use the wrong key, the head shakes and rattles and laughs, its mad, i love it!
A great gift, thanks!! :P

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