Sunday, 20 June 2010

Buckey O'Hare...

After seeing the buckey o'hare figures i gave Fairley next to his computer (my previous post)I decided to photograph my propper collection for the blog, i am sure you all know about these figures, so wont rant too much, but just wanted to let you know, these are one of my personal favorite childhood action figure lines ever produced(i knew this all the more when i almost lost Dead Eye and buckey during my reception classrooms redecoration when i was 5 years old!)
Buckey o hare has always been something i hold very close to my heart, i think it had great characters, design and its ashame it never got a revamp as i think it would merchandise even better today than it did in the early 90's
Anyway... I wanted to throw up some kool pics i took of them here for you all to see.
So hope you like em!

So first off we got my fave character, Dead Eye duck! i dunno what it is but i always love wise cracking ducks in cartoons and comics n stuff, weather its donald, daffy, howard...there is always something about loud mouthed ducks that i think is propper funny lol

Then we got Buckey O'Hare, the leader of the United Animals Federation.

Bruiser...the Muscle of the team...

Now not for the fact that these are two of my earliest childhood toys, but i always saw a good likeness between bruiser and F.L.U.F.F.I from Bionic 6 so thought i would throw in a pic of my ionic 6 F.L.U.F.F.I's to see what you thought, one of these i grabbed out 4 months ago from a carboot, the other i have had since before i can remember...

then we have Commander Dogstar! twin blaster wielding faithfull ally of buckey and probably my second fave character of the series...

Then we got Willy DuWitt...crazy name for a guy i am sure you will agree...Willy is a sanfransisco born Kid who gets sucked through a portal into the animals paralel universe and ends up taking on the role of Bruce after he dies as the teams Engineer,
The only part i am missing to my whole collection is Willy's glasses! wich is annoying as they are so small fragile and transparent the chances of me ever getting them are slim

And The Last of the good guys (or at least the ones that made it to action figure..there were quite a few unproduced characters who would have been amazing as figures, some of them made it to prototype form but no further)
Blinky! the trusted Android of the United Animals Federation. and the fact he has the one big eye makes him just that bit cooler!

Then we got the Bad guys...

Firstly we got Toad Air Marshall, the highest deciding enemy force after COMPLEX also issued with a green weapon (these figures have majour colour variations on the weapons so if you are a collector bare that in mind!)

Toad Borg...Android Henchman elite troop of COMPLEX, a cyborg toad who deffo fills the slot for the Muscle of the evil toad empire

Al Negator...Evil spy of the toad empire and probably my fave badguy of the series...

And finally one of the storm toad, when you are a kid and you want to play with your action figures you kinda need more than just one of these kinda toys, same with starwars storm troopers, of turtles foot soldiers, you do need more than just the one to really act out the action scenes propperly, but none the less, this guy is wikid, apart from his inability to stay stood up for more than two minuits, the way the feet are sculpted makes it hard for him to stay standing
but yeh, a wikid figure deffo!

aaaaaaaaaaaaand, finally! check out this awsome Buckey O'Hare lunchbox, the flask is missing a lid, but still looks wikid on the toy shelf, and has even been known to get used from time to time lol

So there you have it, hope you enoyed my breakdown of the buckey o hare action figures, never really know what to write as the pics say so much them selves, but thought i would end this post with the intro to what is and will always be one of my fave cartoons and action figure lines produced!

Allot more kool stuff to come bloggers, keep checking back!

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