Tuesday, 29 June 2010


So you all recognise this guy right?...

Toxie, from the Toxic crusaders, T.C have to be one of my all time best loved nostalgic action figures, i loved the T.V show, i loved the merchandise 'what little there is' just everything about it appeals to me, and in case you didn't notice its actually the inspiration for the name of this very blog :P
Now, over the many months i have been running this blog i have featured toxic avengers quite allot, and i am actually planing on doing a whole review of them (very much like the super naturals and buckey o'hare ones i did) but still need a few accessories to complete the figures in my collection, so wont be doing it just yet...however, i couldn't resist grabbing this guy!...

TITAN TOXIE!! as i call him was an Ebay find i treat my self too, (there's actually a couple more left on there so go grab one if you like him!) and, i wont lie, it was dearer than i would have liked to pay (the £12 customs charge i had to pay didn't help either!) but i had to have this figure,
Its box is very slack on Text or information, in fact there is literally none at all, no date, no license, bar code, nothing, which makes me think this Item MAY be bootleg, but the quality of the figure and the box make that hard for me to believe,

However, this is easily one of the best figures i own, i love it and will defo take pride of place in my new toy cabinets!!

Lots more stuff coming soon, keep checking back!

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  1. That giant toxie figure is really nice, it is made of squishy type of plastic?