Sunday, 27 June 2010

Toy Room update...

Sorry for the lack of updates, been major busy! two more cabinets today, looking awsome! cant wait till the whole collection is put in them, i have worked it out i can fit around 18 cabinets in there, so gonna keep buying em when i get time to go to IKEA and hopefully by the end of the year have a whole room full!
Really love how they bring out the colours of the collection, aswell as displaying all the figures to there full pottential!

Anyway, keep checkin back for new stuff, gotta dash! today is the hottest day of the year and i havent stopped all day from cutting grass to driving to leeds to fixing up cabinets (which were a paint to begin with but think i got the hang of em now!) lol so literally just finished, but wanted to get the pic up straight away!

Peace yo!!


  1. Man... that looks SO awesome! A lot of those toys take me way back. Thanks for the nostalgia, buddy! You always have the best posts!

  2. cheers mate! i cannot wait to get some more, just finishes the toys off so well! take allot of messing baout to construct them together though, just been checkin ur wall posts, got sum wikid stuff urself, gonna ggo drop a comment now :P