Sunday, 30 May 2010


Got these today...

a women had a tone of them at the car boot for 50p a set, so just bought one of each cause wanted to show em on here,
I am a huge fan of Japanese culture, and for those who don't know, japan has a major fascination with Bug Fighting, Basically stag beetles ect in 1 on 1 sumo contests, And it would appear this is something advertised at kids to play with until they are old enough to buy a real life bug!
I thought they were a very strange items anyway so took some pics to stick on here, don't think am gonna open em cause then they would just be regular bug toys, but it looks like inside you get cards, instructions and a score chart, so definitely a good amount of stuff in the both with them.
Keep locked in, got sum wicked stuff coming very very soon!
peace yo!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Turtles Cards...

Went on my dinner yesterday with my mate lauren and spotted thses bad boys in a charity shop arufffff!
Actually got ghost busters and madballs of these knocking about somewere too!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

R.I.P Geek Orthodox....

Some of you may have heard of Geek Orthodox...(
...Basiclly, its a blog run by Reis O'brien probably one of the coolest luchadore wrestling mask wearing toy collectors on the planet, who runs the blog updating it every day!
However, it would ultimately seem that his work-load and personal life have left him no other choice but to stop writing his blog, and hang up his mask forever!
Reis is a very cool and funny guy, he even posts a weekly video blog which i always tune in for, and although very sudden...i can fully understand his reasons for no longer continuing with the blog.
So I just wanted to say a really big farewell to geek orthodox, as i spent the last year checking it everyday and have always been entertained by his barrage of amazing posts!
So yeah...guess thats it, just wanted to really give reis and geek orthodox a propper send off as he has brightened up my day many many times and has even known to pass by the toxic figures kingdom and drop a comment in the past!

R.I.P Geek orthodox, your legacy will never be forgotten!
(July 26, 2008 - May 26, 2010)

BTW Grabbed this guy today to add to my ever growing MOTU collection!...'Clawfull'

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Big news in the word of toxic figures kingdom!
It seems my last post may very well be one of the best things i have ever done!
Basically....Last weekend, i took a trip to Darwen in Lancashire to visit some mates of mine...
Whilst there i met up with Dean, a fellow vintage toy enthusiast who kindly gave me the 'beast man' masters of the universe figure that i needed to add to my He-Man collection, i was over the moon with this gift! vintage action figures are the best gift anyone could ever get me, especially ones i had as a kid and lost as i grew older (not necessarily grew up! haha)
Anyway..Dean told me how he had more of these figures and if i was to go round to his house the following day i could grab a few more...

....It was there i found out he had WAY more than i expected and him to have, all in a big bucket and him saying 'right...take the ones you need mate'....

Now, i wasn't gonna lie, there was allot i didn't have in there...his collection of ThunderCats and He-man made mine look pretty weak to be honest! I do have a nice amount, but apart from about a few, i needed all of them! lol
so...After an offer of money was refused, Dean decided although he loved them allot, that he wished to accept no money for them, and that they would be kept forever safe in the toy room along with all the other figures i have collected over the years.
So he kindly Donated them on the basis if i was to ever get bored of them he would take them all back, and i am never to sell any of them.
Well priding my self on the fact i am a 'collector' not a toy dealer, ( a toy dealer as in a guy who sells toys for stupid amounts of money on Ebay -Toy Fairs ect )
This was an offer i knew i could keep too, as i am the guy who buys and collects toys, NEVER sells them!
So, i would like to present to you some (not all, there was a couple small transformers and Ninja turtles characters i got out of there too, will put them up when i have got the weapons for them!) Of the He-man and Thundercats figures Dean donated, as well as some of my old collection to show complete sets!
So just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Dean, the guy is a legend and i will now be in debt to him for a lonnnnng time! lol
Big ups dean, hope you like the pics bruva! Thanks again!!

Already had Slyth, Vultureman and grune the destroyer, was just missing a couple of there weapons....

I had already got most of the main thundercats, but Dean Donated the Chitara and WilyKit!

Love these mini thundercats! Liono bareing the sword of omens looing sickkkkkk!

And on to the MOTU....
You can see all the diffrent characters Dean donated, check out beastman's whip, Ram Man's Axe, Man-e-faces's Gun...all weapons i already had bu tno figure to go with them! gotta love a complete figure!! (he also gave sorted me out with the Ladder to go with my Castle Greyskull! the only part i needed to complete the play-set!!

Also...while looking for He-Man weapons i found Sy-Klone's shiled weapon! so was real happy to finally complete that figure too!

This is all amazing stuff, and i cant tell you all just how kool it is that people actually donate there toys to the toxic figures kingdom, it means so much to me and i am sure the readers are very apriciative to know there are such kool people out there!
Now...this was not the only stuff i got donated whilst in very good friend Fairley also gave me some amazing starwars stuff, wich i will be reviewing very very soon!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Got this yesterday!

Not much to say apart from 'ARUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!' propper love it!! had this as a kid and brought back so many memories to actually get one again,
Decided to get some masters of the universe figures out and photograph it all for the blog (note the stridor him same day too!)

Monday, 17 May 2010

I have got a few things to stick on here right now, 2 weeks worth of marketing and carbooting, so expect allot more over the next week or so, sorry i have been so slack with updates work is really hectic and dont get much time to myself at the minuit, but fear not, plenty to go up very very soon!
In the meantime, check out my pictures from the Royal Armories in Leeds taken last Saturday,
If you have never heard of the royal armories, its just about one of the koolest places in the whole world, its a HUGE weapons, armour and war museum in the UK.
i have been around 4 times now, and it never gets boring, unfortunatly when i went this time, there was a few exhibitions closed, but i still managed to grab some awsome pics! check em out...

Friday, 7 May 2010


Took the day of work yesterday to hit Chesterfield market,
Overlaid like an idiot, but still managed to get there well before stuff was getting packed away…. would have probably got more stuff tho! (heard I missed out on sum mad tentacle creature predator mask thing witch sounded tooos cik!)
Anyway…to say I got there late, can’t believe how lucky I was…found this!

Sectaurs! Gotta be one of the coolest action figure lines to ever come out of the 80s and this sums up just how awesome they were!

Unfortunately, the wings are really delicate so didn’t fit all 4 of them in for the pictures as they are detachable and didn’t wanna risk snapping them, but this has gotta be my best find of recent times, absolutely love it!

As a kid I had the tarantula one, and was one of my best toys, I love how the sectaurs action figures can actually ride on top of the insect to use them as a vehicle….

and if you didn’t know how they work, its actually a clove fitted under the insect to act as the legs, so it’s a perfect mix of action figure vehicle and gross out glove puppet!

You may remember when I grabbed one of the sectaurs from an antiques emporium in Brighton, link here…
I do have a few of these guys knocking around, about 5 of them and 3 of there small pet insect beast’s by no means enough to review a collection yet tho!
But thought this guy would make a good pic (don’t think these are his actuall weapons, but suit him well for the pic)

that’s all for today, but keeping with the theme of more unknown 80’s action figures, look out for a ‘super naturals’ review coming very soon….