Thursday, 17 September 2009


Just wanted to do a little bit on these guys….Action force & Adventure People...
Really like these figures and go quite well together even though they are from completely different sets, Clawtron was always one of my favourite figures growing up, and was lucky enough to find two very cheap on EBay, some of the Buy it now Clawtrons are like £30!
got these guys for about £3 so deffo a bargain there :P

I love this space man too…there’s so many wicked adventure people figures, but these are all I have as of yet…the Sci-fi versions are all wicked, kinda remind me of an early version of Chap Mei figures..(Chap Mei review coming very soon too!)

And these guys are from Action Force…
Really love these two…Again, Kraken was one of my favourite figures as a kid, and managed to get another one, I got his net too but didn’t show it in the picture, it is basically just a piece of black netting lol…

as for Skeleton, I never knew he existed until I was searching for action force online and came across him!
I think he is a great figure and would have loved him as a kid.
I am going to put some more action force figures up very soon as I have about 12 other different ones.

Also, got these guys in a bag of random bits other day from the car boot, (also had Jargons helmet in there from thundercats!!! Get in!!)
along with a load more random pieces old and new…

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