Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Road Kill man....the less said about this guy the better...
But he does look like he was once a keying, at least that’s what the hole in the top of his head suggests...
a classic 'mad in china' and crappy paint job more than likely tells us he was bought in a shop in Skegness...or somewhere very similar, possibly on one of the key ring racks with lots of weird and cheap key rings for sale..

But that all just adds to his charm, in my opinion anyway, and as soon as I saw him I thought he would make a great addition to the blog. He does kinda look like he has been either un over, or has starved to death..

Also...I got this guy of the same stall (the same stall I found the dehydrated starvation road kill victim...)
Its an old finger puppet, I used to have a couple of em as a kid, just cheap rubber toys, but Justin over at www.weirdotoys.com was (amazing blog BTW! check it out!)
Was looking into the origins of the 'Musical Wind-Up Demon Lumberjack' and I recognized the face used for the figure was from this same set of rubber finger puppets...so thought I would grab it for that reason if nothing else...
Anyway, much more to come!


  1. I just saw that guy the other day on someone's Flickr page:

    Babo Prisoner Figures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/astronit/2539054206/

  2. OH MY GOD! he actually has a full set of these things?!
    thats amazing! i am gonna put a post up thanking you mate!