Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I got this guy a while ago….

The knife did not come with him, but as soon as I saw him, I thought he would look cool with a knife, so decided to give him one from one of my many action figure weapons boxes…
I think it just finishes him off nicely, wouldn’t you say?

I seem to find a lot of creatures with these big screaming mouths…I always pick them up when I see them in the bottom of an old toy box, but this one is my favourite!

Anyone seen this figure before? Recognise him from anywhere?....I call him howler monkey knife fighter…


  1. Oh my sweet lord. I love this thing. This guy is great already, but the knife really takes it up a notch!

    Also, I just discovered your blog. Boy have I been missing out. I'm gonna keep looking....

  2. thanks alot Justin! u know i am a BIG fan of weirdotoys.com glad you are lliking the txic figures movement! lol
    i thought you mite like this guy, soon as i saw him i thought of weirdo toys haha